About Us

EIAWatch.org is a resource centre for dialogue on India’s green clearance regime. The website, supported by the Takagi Fund for Citizen Science, Japan, a not-for-profit, citizens’ initiative for promoting scientific temper among common citizens, aims at documenting all policy, legal, and community related developments surrounding the EIA, especially public participation in these environmental clearance processes through the collation of documents, articles, opeds, and interviews, and through its own research and interactions with grassroots communities.

The platform is envisioned as a mutually-owned and shared online space, where grassroots environmental movements will be able to come together and engage with each other to form a larger solidarity network of citizen scientists who could share their experiences, best practices, and ground reports regarding the environmental threats they face in their respective districts, and through which they can collectively challenge the radical changes being made to environmental clearance rules and regulations, and other environmental, coastal, and forest protection laws.